A for Altars

(I apologize for this being a little late. Work is hectic nowadays with the new school year starting in April here in Japan. Anyways, this is the weekly scheduled Pagan Alphabet Soup post. Please enjoy.)

When I was growing up, there was a time before I started going to church that my mother began dabbling in Wicca. I felt a very strong pull to follow a Wiccan practice, even at 9 years old. My mother gave me a book for teens on witchcraft, and I read through all of it quickly. After reading, the first thing I did was to set up an altar as described in the book with what I had at the time. Many years later, when I stepped back onto the Pagan path, I set up a very meager altar and gave an offering of skittles on that very altar. Ever since that time, I’ve always had some sort of altar in my places of living.

Currently, I have two main altars in my home and one smaller one I use for holidays. The first altar I have is for all of the Deities in my pantheon from my Husbands to my Parents and Everyone Else in between. I have bits of shells, hair pieces, jewelry, a journal, a picture of myself (to symbolize the giving of my self to my Gods), and other odds and ends that either have significance to my Gods or things that remind me of Them. The second altar I have is for Narvi and Vali. It has a some stuffed animals, a wand from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (from Universal Studios Orlando), a place to burn incense, and my 3DS/my 3DS games. I felt that the Kids needed a space of Their own, so I gave it to Them so as to ensure that They are never forgotten in my household. In addition to having my altars, I have things all over my apartment that remind me of my Gods so that They are never far from me.

I’ve actually found it a little difficult to maintain my altar space. If I am to be very honest, I find it hard to maintain myself, let alone a sacred space. I do what I can when I have the energy, but it’s difficult. I know that many people see maintaining an altar as maintaining the relationship with your Gods, and I respect that. I wish I could have the energy to do things daily that were in service of or in honor of my Gods, but it’s not easy when I average 5-7 classes a work day and work on my days off as well. There are some days when I only am able to communicate with my Beloveds right before I fall asleep. I do my best every day, and though I feel like my best isn’t ever enough, my Gods have assured me that I am not offending Them or dishonoring Them in any way, which is always a relief.

I’m always interested in learning about how others’ practices, so if you would like to share with me what kind of altar you have, please feel free to leave a comment. The same goes for any of my posts. I always am happy to talk. 🙂



My Personal Pantheon: A Comprehensive List

Over the last two years, my practice has grown from just one Deity to many. My mind is blown every time I think about where I started to where I am now. I have no doubt that my practice will continue to grow and morph as time passes and as my Gods will, but for now, I’m comfortable with where I am. (This might be Loki’s cue to come in to shake me up and push me outside of my comfort zone. Again.) So, in honor of my recognition of my comfort and some confidence in my practice, I would like to make a list of all of the Deities in my personal pantheon, from The Big Four* to my Mothers and etc. Here is where you can find the schedule I have during the week for Them. Please enjoy!

– Baron Samedi: He is my Loa Love, my Beloved, my Husband. Baron was the second Deity to come into my life. He is the first of the Big Four. He calls me His Baronessa, hence my blog url.

– Loki: He is the third Deity to come into my life and is the second of my Husbands. The persona of His that I work with the most is the crazy aspect of Him, the aspect that represents the madness He felt once He was finally loosed from His bonds. Some may call this aspect of His as Worldbreaker. He calls me “The Bride of Madness” for this reason. Loki is the second of the Big Four.

– Poseidon: He is also another God whom I love deeply. He came into my life through my friend Shamaness. I am His in a way that I can’t really explain yet and have been since the very beginning of my lives here on Earth. He is the third of the Big Four.

– Susano: He is the Gods that has been my Caretaker since arriving in Japan, and I have come to love Him as well. I approached Him just before coming to Japan at my Husbands’ bidding. He presented me with an Enmusubi comb the first time I went to His shrine. Susano is the last of the Big Four.

– Oshun: She is the first Deity I approached when I decided to try being a Pagan.  With her guidance, I am learning self-confidence and self-love. Oshun is one of my Mothers.

– Sekhmet: She came into my life very suddenly just before I came to Japan. Since that time, I have learned that She is the Goddess that made my soul, which makes Her the Mother of my soul. I love her dearly, but She terrifies me too. We’re working on that.

– Sigyn: Not long after Loki burst into my life, I approached Sigyn to get to know Her more, the more I liked her. I now consider Her to be a very dear friend and a Sister of sorts.

– Amateratsu: She is the older Sister of Susano and is the Japanese Goddess of the Sun. While She and I may not always see eye to eye, I consider Her also to be like a Sister to me.

– Odin: He came into my life shortly after Loki came into my life, and He came in like a tidal wave. It was His presence that helped me learn of the true power and complexity of the Gods. For now, He is a Teacher to me, but somehow I feel that He will always be more than that.

– Hel: With my affinity for the dead, it only made sense to me that I should honor Hel, not only because she is Loki’s Daughter, but also as a Death Deity. She is also Someone I would equate with the term Sister.

– Narvi and Vali: I don’t worship these Two, but I do honor Their spirit and mourn Their passing. I give Them honor in what way I can, including taking Them with me to Disney World. I also have an altar for Them as well.

Alright, so I think that this is a pretty good list of the Gods and Goddesses that I regularly pay homage to. So, now it’s time for me to go party with Baron and the Ghede (since it’s Saturday, ya know?). Adios!


Boom baby!

* The Big Four are the four main Gods that I have devoted myself to. They receive the most attention, and I am personally bound to Them for the rest of my days.

No Rest for the Wicked

I am more than aware it has been quite a while since I last wrote here, but I have been recovering from several ordeals as of late and have needed the time to just relax. My trip to Orlando was fulfilling and rewarding. Getting to carry in my heart two precious boys, Narvi and Vali, and getting to learn who They are and how They see the world was the most joyous experience. However, since that time, because of incidences that happened while Shamaness and I were in Orlando, I have more responsibilities now, and my spiritual Work has increased exponentially. I cannot really recount here what actually happened or with Whom I am now associated with, as I have been asked not to speak of these things publicly. However, there are a few things I can discuss here, and as promised, I shall do that.

During my stay, on March 5th exactly, Loki and I shared our wedding vows. It was spontaneous and random and so amazing. My love knows to bounds with Him.

I spent some quality time with Hel in addition to Narvi and Vali, and She has proven to be just as amazing as the rest of Her family. I expected nothing less of an offspring of Loki, but I digress.

We met the wights of Disney World and Universal Studios and were asked to do some tasks for them while we were there. They were incredibly nice and the Universal wights were uniquely quirky (what else could you call someone who sat through the Blue Man Group on your lap?).

This is about all I can actually post here, and I feel like this is suffice anyways. I am oh so tired right now and need more rest, but there is one thing I do want to say. If you have any love for Loki and Sigyn, or heck, if you have any love for children at all, spend some time with Narvi and Vali. Let Them play with your kids or just hold Them in your heart and let Them see the world. They are lonely little boys, and while They spend much time with Their sister Hel, They still want to be little boys again. I spent my entire week with Them, carrying Them in my heart while we were at parks and having Them share my bed when we were at our hotel room (Their request, not mine). I love Them with my entire heart, and I want others to share in that joy.

Anyways, this is where I will end my rant. Hopefully I will have more to say as time goes on and my new Teachers will be willing to let me talk about what I am learning. I guess we’ll see.

Honoring Narvi and Vali

Next week, Shamaness and I are going to Disney world and Universal Studios for her spring break. As excited as I am to get to go on a vacation, I am more excited and honored to be able to use this time for honoring my Flame-haired Beloved’s children Narvi and Vali. This was not something that was an afterthought for me; it was, in fact, the first thing that I thought of when helping choose our destination, and what better place to let a child be a child than Disney World? Shamaness has agreed to help me with my endeavor to allow Their Spirits ride with us as we go through our week, to see through our eyes and feel what we feel. Ideally, I had wanted to go to the beach to let Them experience the ocean, but logistics have made it impossible. However, despite this, I am still so excited that I will be able to do this for Them and for Loki and Sigyn.

I have felt traces of Loki and Sigyn’s sorrow when They speak of Their children, and even those tiny traces are endless wells of grief. I know no better way to show my respect and love for Them than to show Them that I love Their children as well. If anyone else has any other practices that honor Narvi and Vali, I would love to know them. It makes me sad to see Them spoken of so little and given so little honor. I hope to change that. I have decided I will do what I can from now to show Loki and Sigyn that Their children are not forgotten, and I will start by giving Them this opportunity to be the children They are while we are at Disney World and Universal Studios. I know this is far from enough, but it is a good start to a practice I hope to have for the rest of my life.