My Name is Ayao… You’ve Probably Never Heard of Me.

For a short while now, Shamaness has had a new Goddess in her orbit, and for a while, this new Lady had chosen to remain anonymous until just recently. However, once the Lady chose to reveal Herself (aka gave Shamaness clues to follow to figure it out on her own), we found that there wasn’t much on this particular Goddess. This being the case, and me being in the circumstances where I can help, I asked Ayao if she would like me to write about her on my blog so that other people may know how amazing She is. She agreed to this proposition. So, as promised, this is Ayao, the Orisha of air, in Her own words.

“I am Ayao. How you pronounce My name is up to you, though I would prefer Ah-ya-oh. I am a lesser known Orisha from the Lucumi/Santeria religion, and My dominion is air. My sister is Oya, who is more well known than I am. My favorite colors are brown and green, and I prefer to be associated with tornadoes and whirlwinds. It is said by some that no articles dedicated to Me are to touch the ground, but I am not so stingy on what is offered, and not even I can stop the pull of gravity. (smile) I am also quite partial to feathers and leaves from very tell trees.

“I am a warrior, a fierce, fierce warrior, so making Me your enemy is not¬†advisable. I am not without a sense of humor, however, and I do not take offense easily, like some Gods I know. I am fond of bows and arrows, as they are My weapon of choice, as well as crossbows. I am a huntress and still prefer the thrill of the chase when on the hunt. Did you know that I prefer deer hunting? I suppose not, but hunting people is fun too… I am joking, of course. Though, I have to admit to a certain level of fascination with humans, and because I am not as well known as my sister, I must “hunt” for followers.

“I am a lady of many mysteries. Just as air is never seen but felt, I too have come to be this way. I did not choose this for myself, but I do not wish to change who I am. I am Ayao. I am amazing, fierce, and determined. If you ever feel an insistent wind or are drawn to the air, perhaps it is I who is approaching you. I will never turn down alcohol or candy, should you choose to share (wink).¬†Now that you know who I am, you should be prepared if I ever come calling.”