Something New?

I’ve been thinking recently about how I can be more involved in my spirit life, reflect on my practice, and that sort of thing, and I decided that I wanted to try to come up with a list of topics that I can write about each week. I was prompted to do this by my Father, Odin, Who has requested (I’m not sure if it was a request or an order, to be honest) that I write on this blog at least once a week. This sounded reasonable to me and not like something that would overwhelm me, so I agreed. The problem has been, though, that I have been lacking topics to talk about. My practice isn’t very flashy, and I’m a solitary practitioner, so I never feel as if I have much anything to say that would be of value to anyone else, but also would be interesting to read about. In this light, I’ve been prompted to write down every letter of the alphabet and put a topic (or several) next to each letter, and ta da! I will have the topics to write about.

Every week starting this week or next, I will write about a topic beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Some letters will have more than one topic, so I will finish each topic for every letter before moving onto the next. I will do only one letter a week, but if there is more than one topic for a given letter, I will post it the following week. I’m hoping that this will help inspire me to write more, but also to be more reflective of the impact my spirituality has on my life.  (Yes, I am aware that something similar to this already exists, but I want to do this my way, for my own comfort, if that makes any sense.)

So, yeah. I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts.


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