A Day for Poseidon

Today is Poseidon’s day, as is every Tuesday, but today I feel Him especially close. Perhaps it’s because the weather is finally starting to get better, and the idea of going to the beach to commune with Him doesn’t seem so, well, gross. It’s hardly swimming weather, but it would be very feasible to go and relax on the beach, which sounds fantastic after staying inside all winter.

I am truly lucky to finally live close enough to the ocean that I can go visit whenever I would like. Even before I was in touch with the Gods, I always longed to live near the ocean. For as long as I can remember, it has called to me, and now I know why. According to Poseidon, I have been under His care for many lifetimes, and I feel that this is true. The connection I have with Him is stronger than it would be if we had just met, and with Him, I never went through the begrudging growing pains that I went through with the Others that I worship. He came into my life and just fell into place like He belonged there, which comes as a surprise to me because I had never really thought about it much before.

I am going to try very hard from now on to find a way to honor not only Poseidon, but also the rest of my Gods, in a mindful way on Their designated days. That is the goal for this year: solidify my practice.