Sick Days with my Loa Love

Since last week, I have had a cold that no medicine has been able to touch thus far. I was even sent home from work with a fever. While I feel absolutely guilty that I have been missing so much work because I am sick as all get out, there is one perk that comes with this: I get to spend time with my sweet Baron, and I always revel in any time that I get to spend with my loving Husband. I learned some time ago that Baron has some domain over illness, which is why I suppose He was chosen to be the one that watches over me when my body decides to sponge up every contagious illness possible. (I exaggerate, but it does feel like this sometimes.) It really is just nice to know that I am being taken care of and will be taken care of in the future.

I truly, madly, deeply love my sweet Baron. Even when I am sick. 🙂


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