Odinic Parallels Part 2

I did not know that I would be writing  a part 2 to this, but as He wishes, I thought I would write a little more about how I can see some parallels between Odin and myself.

I am going preface this with a heavy emphasis on the fact that I am still new to my study, and I am still learning about the Deities that I work with and worship. I am not someone who indulges in the academic side of my spirituality, so what I know is based on UPG and what I have read from other bloggers who I have learned to trust as a source of correct information. So, take what you like from what you read here.

So, as it may be obvious now, but I live in Japan now and have lived here for the last 6 months. It has been a wild ride since I got here. The emotional coaster alone has been ridiculous. I took some (involuntary) time away from the the majority of my Gods to reorient myself in the real world, as it were, but I am not getting back on track with Them, slowly but surely. Anyways, I have come to notice a number of things that stand out about my life here. Things that I noticed before but were never so blatantly obvious: the parallels I have with Odin Himself. Most specifically that of the Wanderer and the Outcast (as I wrote before).

I see myself a little bit more like the Wanderer every day. I live in an apartment that has been a temporary home for many people before me and will be a temporary home for many people after me. There is a feeling of transience in this place, and my thoughts always come back to how settled I should get, because I will be leaving in the end. This job is also temporary, so my place here is not fixed either. My time in Japan will (might) come to an end next year or who knows when after that. I have no home to call my own. There is a place I settle my head at night, but it is accompanied by the constant fact that I will leave this place not too long from now. It gives me a restless feeling, especially not knowing where I will be going after this.

The Outcast is one of Odin’s personas that I feel very keenly. I feel this every day. The Japanese are a very… Exclusive people. Sometimes to the point of abject racism to anyone that is not of Japanese origin (this racism even includes those that are only half Japanese). So, it is easy to imagine, I would think, how I feel so acutely outside everyone else. It is easy for me to feel outside even if the behavior of the people around me didn’t reflect my status as a foreigner. I am a tall, blue-eyed, light brown-haired, bigger girl. I look around only to see shorter, black-haired, and brown-eyed people everywhere.


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