Odinic Parallels

I’ve been noticing recently that I am in a life-space that parallels a few of Odin’s Paths. Well, it’s hard not to notice the similarities when the “Man” Himself shows up to talk to you about these things, but it has been in my awareness more and more as of late how my life is very Odinic at the moment. I am walking this Path alone, without mortal aid and with  the revulsion of my family for my recent changes, hence I am an Outcast. I am a Seeker, a Seeker of knowledge and have willingly/will willingly sacrifice for the knowledge I Seek. I am a Wanderer, having no home and belonging nowhere. For this short period in my life, I will be as Odin is, albeit very mortal. I cannot say that I am Him, because I am not, and to say otherwise would not only be hubris, but stupid nonetheless. However, I can say that since learning of these parallels, I better understand (and I dare say like) Odin much better now.

To say that He and I have not gotten along well is not quite right, but the rocky relationship I have with Him is completely my own doing. I am one of those people that are “slow to warm up”, which really means I need to observe and determine on my own time whether or not I can like and trust you, and it is this reason that I have not always been very receptive to Him. It’s my downfall, my flaw that this happens, did happen, and I have been very sad that (I thought) I drove Him off because I was too prickly and resistant to Him. However, through His good grace and forgiveness, He has seen fit to come back into my life and start working with me again. Already, I have learned more from Him than I could have ever imagined.

I am grateful for His return into my life, and although I have had to move around my schedule, I am more than happy to have Odin back into my orbit. I am so excited to learn  from Him the mysteries He is willing to teach me. From here on out, I am going to do my best to trust Him, knowing that He is not going to do anything to betray my trust in Him and that He is not going to make me do anything that I would absolutely hate. In return, I shall give Him what He has asked of me (which I will not divulge here). I am so grateful.


6 thoughts on “Odinic Parallels

  1. Always a touch amusing when I stumbling on something like this that mirriors my own path.

    Long before I first had a clue how or that I should approach Odin (an issue He fixed with something akin to a sledgehammer upside the head…) He was a sort of role model to me. I didn’t quite comprehend Him as a God but from a young age when my mother read me Norse stories out of the “Norse Gods And Giants” big blue book, which she passed off as fiction, Odin was sort of a role model to me. The way He never seemed tied down, always wandering and seeking greater knowledge no matter the price seemed greater virtues for me to aspire to than anything else I was presented as a young man. Later when I was just dabbling, someone sugested I should try working with Runes and that along with several other habbits I had developed at the time made me pause and think again about how much I had in common with Him.

    Wasn’t till… a year or so after that point when I’d really screwed my life up that He finally gave me a taste of His madness, just enough to let me know “I’ve been right here the whole time you dolt!”. Heh…

    • I am pretty sure that the majority of the Gods have all the subtlety of a Mac truck full of bricks to the side of the head. As I look back through my life, I can see Their fingerprints everywhere. I always seem to get this look from Them like, “Of course We have always been in your life. Just because you didn’t recognize Our influence does not mean that We just poofed into your life when you decided to call out to Us the first time.” Sekhmet is the most prominent for me in this way, but it still is a little jarring. The Gods, as I have seen, will have Their will done regardless of whether you are aware of it or not. So, yes. I totally understand where you are coming from. lol

      • heh, Mac truck is definitely apt. Though… I do know one who kinda through me for a loop because He didn’t come to me in that way: Mani. He’s… different. Still learning how.

      • I love the way that you write about Him (Mani) though. I can’t explain why, honestly, but I do. I might kick myself for saying this later, but it almost makes me wish that I could meet Him. Not for anything long-term (I have way too many Deities on my plate for that), but maybe just to thank Him for inspiring that post you wrote about giving and receiving. I look forward to reading more about your dealings with Him, if that is in the cards.

      • I think it will be. At the immediate moment I seem to be at a rest state, i.e. with the expection of Odin showing up earlier today when I woke up in pain and couldn’t sleep to tell me to do something minor for Him… after which I wasn’t in pain and slept like a log (a little random really…) I’ve been pretty quiet and sedate spirtual wise, recovering from a few changes in life.

        Though I do have a couple of things I have planned to write for Mani, one a peice of fiction… ish, work. We’ll see.

      • I can totally understand being quiet and sedate spiritually. I have been doing much the same as of late, but that is completely due to, well, recovering from life changes myself. Ugh, life.

        Also, as I said before, I really do look forward to seeing your accounts of your dealings with Mani. 🙂

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