Early this week, I was lamenting about the lack of community I felt now that I am a Pagan and how I felt there was no one I could turn to for guidance. This article really hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and spoke volumes about why this was. As someone new to the “scene”, I can tell you exactly how welcome I feel (which is not at all), and how intensely lost I feel without someone corporeal to look to for guidance as I take baby steps down my Path. I can also tell you how ridiculously censored I am for fear of ridicule and general assholery from the internet at large. I know no one out there really cares about what I say here, but I would really prefer to not have some wanker posting offensive or inflammatory comments on what is essentially part of my devotional practice for my Gods. All in all, this article could not have been more perfectly timed for me, and I am grateful it was written. Hopefully it will have some impact. This newbie certainly hopes so.

Shadows of the Sun

“There is no such thing as speech that is free. You must pay for everything that you say.”

— Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Sykes, Jarhead

I am about to pay for my words.

This piece will likely make me very unpopular, because I am going to talk about a very large, nasty elephant in the Polytheist room. A very large, nasty elephant that a lot of people aren’t wanting to address with sincerity, much less with any intention of doing something about it.

I accept the impending consequences. I accept the coming backlash, the (intentional) misinterpretation of my words, the spitting of black toads and the toddleresque tantrum-throwing.

Indeed, I welcome it. What better way for my voice to be heard than through reactionary criticism of it? Those that hate me and what I have to say shall be my most adamant and dedicated Word-Bearers.

My only care concerning this…

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