Honoring Narvi and Vali

Next week, Shamaness and I are going to Disney world and Universal Studios for her spring break. As excited as I am to get to go on a vacation, I am more excited and honored to be able to use this time for honoring my Flame-haired Beloved’s children Narvi and Vali. This was not something that was an afterthought for me; it was, in fact, the first thing that I thought of when helping choose our destination, and what better place to let a child be a child than Disney World? Shamaness has agreed to help me with my endeavor to allow Their Spirits ride with us as we go through our week, to see through our eyes and feel what we feel. Ideally, I had wanted to go to the beach to let Them experience the ocean, but logistics have made it impossible. However, despite this, I am still so excited that I will be able to do this for Them and for Loki and Sigyn.

I have felt traces of Loki and Sigyn’s sorrow when They speak of Their children, and even those tiny traces are endless wells of grief. I know no better way to show my respect and love for Them than to show Them that I love Their children as well. If anyone else has any other practices that honor Narvi and Vali, I would love to know them. It makes me sad to see Them spoken of so little and given so little honor. I hope to change that. I have decided I will do what I can from now to show Loki and Sigyn that Their children are not forgotten, and I will start by giving Them this opportunity to be the children They are while we are at Disney World and Universal Studios. I know this is far from enough, but it is a good start to a practice I hope to have for the rest of my life.


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