An Unexpected Proposal

Friday morning I was driving to substitute at the school I work for. I was still pretty sleepy, my eyes still heavy from my slumber. The sky was pink and orange from the dawning sun, and fog still clung to the earth. Odin, who had been with me for the week or so prior, was talking with me as I drove. I was a little irritated because He was trying to be all serious and talk about something important when I could barely focus my mind because of lack of sleep. Thankfully, dearest Loki jumped in and saved me from saying something stupid to Odin in my sleep-deprived irritation, which would have ended badly, I am sure of it. Odin went on His way and gave Loki the space to talk to me. This was welcome by me, especially considering Odin has a penchant for making me unsettled, but Loki didn’t say much, just shared my head space and asked me why I was irritated. After about 15 more minutes of driving, I was close to work, as in I could see it from where I was sitting, when I heard so very clearly, “Will you marry me?”

I about rear ended the car on front of me because my brain decided to fuzz in shock. The adrenaline cleared my brain in no time, but after a moment of figuring out/realizing that I had heard correctly, I whispered a “yes” as I pulled into work. Loki, being who He is, gave me a triumphant smile then left me to sit there and collect myself. This was Baron’s day, after all, and He had His Kanye moment (which, from now until forever, I will have to deal with the both of Them cutting in on each other’s days, not unlike Kanye).

As for how I feel about this, I honestly have not decided yet. I get stuck between “I’m so loved!” and “How the frick am I going to deal with BOTH OF THEM?!” Or there are my personal favorites: “I am crazy and making all of this up!” and “He’s trolling me!” However, considering I have had both of Them confirm this, I will have to dash the last two. I knew that I was never going to be monogamous, but I did not realize it meant that I was going to be the mortal bride of not one but two Gods who are endlessly competitive and domineering.

On top of all of this, I keep wondering what I have just signed up for. I didn’t even realize that a mortal could marry more than one God, and I figured it was rare enough for there to be a Godspouse, but that that one mortal would be chosen by two Gods? I am endlessly trying to wrap my head around this whole thing and failing at it enough that Baron and Loki are just telling me to go with the flow and let things happen as they happen. In then end, I know that this is just another wrung on the ladder I’m climbing, but that does not help my brain process it any better.

As with everything else that has happened, my life is weird.


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