My Wedding Day

On December 25th at 11 pm, I married Baron Samedi. It was a long day, from beginning to end. Christmas has never been a holiday I have fond memories of. In fact, I have always hated it. My memories of the holiday are tainted with negativity, so when Baron suggested that we marry on this day to ‘re-associate’ it with something good, I agreed. It was a great idea on His part. I went through the motions of the day and put on my poker face when religion came up. No longer being a Christian made the familial obligation part of the day even more difficult than normal. However, I powered through it knowing that later that night I would be going through something that will effect my life forever.

The ceremony was to happen at Shamaness’ parents’ house, so when I finished with the family portion of the day, I went straight there. The moment I walked through the door, the air felt charged and heavy, and my anxiety (which I always have excess of) grew as the minutes and hours past. I knew that there were “others” there already, waiting for the wedding to start. I took a nap, having been exhausted from the family festivities, then made myself beautiful for the ceremony- this being the only thing I was told to do for this, other than show up. I cleaned the space we were using- Shamaness’ bedroom- just as Shamaness’ sister cleansed the space by burning incense. She did this unknowingly, but as the night wore on, it seemed like she would be impressed by the Gods several more times.

As we well know, Baron loves His Chinese food, so our pre-wedding feast was Chinese food. It became apparent that He was working to make everything right, but I could not feel Him at all, and I had not felt Him since I had woken up. I knew He was there and with me most of the day until about an hour or two before I was supposed to meet Him for our wedding. He knew I was nervous, but gave me space. I ate my Chinese and went to watch some Teen Wolf before everything was going to start. It was a good way to diffuse my  nerves… Theoretically.

Unfortunately for me, the episode was too short, and I had to be in Shamaness’ room for the ceremony too soon for my nerves’ liking. But, as soon as I went up the stairs and for thirty straight minutes, Shamaness’ sister played Lady Gaga and the Chipmunks’ Christmas songs. This made my anxiety go down to zero as I watched her sister dance around the upstairs hallway and make a fool of herself. It came to our attention as we sat in her room was that Loki had appointed Himself DJ for the night. (I would like very much to put emphasis on the self-appointed part as I had been unaware of this until He announced it to Shamaness and I with a grin that matched the Cheshire Cat.) After her sister left to do whatever she does, we were left to sit there and wait for His Trollness (Baron) to show up.

We waited. And waited. And waited. For two hours, we waited for Baron to show up. Shamaness and I had enough time during the wait to identify at least 7 other Deities in the room, among them being Odin, Loki, Sigyn, Hermes, Aradia, Oshun, and Mr P. There were other, but we were not sure who they were. There was also enough time for Loki to hop in and out of Shamaness to joke with me and play pranks. As time passed, I grew more anxious, and more agitated (Loki joking that if Baron didn’t show up soon, He was going to marry me instead didn’t help this). But, as I reached out to Baron, it became apparent that the veil that the Deities had put up to keep Shamaness’ family away was also keeping Baron out. So, after glaring at the culprits Hermes and Loki (no surprise there), Baron finally entered the room, and horsed Shamaness.

I was so relieved to finally have Baron with me after being separated from him all day, to be in His arms as we lay on the bed together. He explained why He was tardy before He started  to talk to me a little. As always, He was kind and gentle with me, always smiling. In His arms, I finally relaxed and felt right for the right for the first time all day, so when He asked “In front of all the assembled witnesses, do you agree to be my wife?”, I could only say yes. There was only Him and I in that moment, as He smiled down at me, so happy with my answer.

“Truly?” He asked me.


He kissed me then, the most tender and loving kiss. I had never had a kiss like that before, a kiss that defies words or description, and it will be something I never forget. After that kiss and a little more talking, He joked about needing to consummate our marriage, but that He knew that I needed to sleep (it had been a very long day for me), so with another kiss, He left me to get ready for bed with the promise of visiting me in my dreams (since my trancing skills are lacking).

In the days since, I have never felt more sure of anything. I am glad that I made the decision to become Baron’s wife. I have a small amount of confidence growing within me that I never had before, and I can only hope that as time passes, it will grow and grow. I can say with a surety, though, that I am happy, for the first time in a long time, and I have my Beloved to thank for that.


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